Hartelijk welkom


Since over 50 years VOSS-HELME has been producing protective headgear for construction and industry, as well as helmets for special work environments. We offer our clients a product range from special helmet accessories to face protection.

Our discoveries and innovations have influenced the development of protective headgear decisively. During this process we have made ourselves a name in the protection market. The name VOSS-HELME stands for leading quality safety helmets, a perfect combination of safety and comfort. This is what millions of wearers of safety helmets worldwide appreciate about our products and, worn once, will not want to miss it again. Our offer: VOSS-HELME offers you the possibility to produce your helmets in standard colours as well as in your corporate colours already from small quantities on.

Together with your company logo, contrasting strips and different accessories, combined with serialised comfort, you are enhancing wearing acceptance as well as your professional, unmistakable image.




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